$1,077.00 USD

Magnaflux Standard Prod Set for P-70 and P-1500 units

Magnaflux prod sets are convenient handheld electrodes used for conducting sectional inspections of welds, casting, forgings and other large and complex part shapes. Comfortable, pistol-style grips and out-of-the-way cable hookups make it easy for testing parts that are not wet-bench friendly.

All prod sets:

  • Require additional power cables, purchased separately
  • Include solid tip prods and 20' control cable with trigger in handle

Standard Prod Set

  • Individual contact prods offer maximum flexibility in prod spacing and magnetizing of complex-shaped parts
  • New design has a user-friendly pistol grip and out-of-the-way cable hookups
  • Set of two hand-held electrodes with mag shot trigger and 4/0 lug connections.