Collection: Post Emulsifiable Penetrants

The ZYGLO post emulsifiable fluorescent penetrants are used for a wide range of sensitive applications and are formulated to be impervious to water to assure against being over washed from defects. The MAGNAFLUX Post Emulsifiable Penetrants require the application of a lipophilic emulsifier or a hydrophilic emulsifier to render it washable with water. All of our penetrants are formulated for rapid separation from water for efficient clean up by coalescer, or charcoal filtration. Each penetrant fluoresces a bright greenish-yellow color under ultraviolet radiation. Use of a black light source, with peak wavelength of 365 nanometers, such as the MAGNAFLUX® ZB-100F Fan-Cooled black light, is recommended. Each penetrant is formulated to produce heat stable fluorescent indications under normal drying conditions (140°F/60° C).