Collection: Cables

For Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment

We offer a range of cables and connectors to allow you to outfit your magnetic bench or electromagnetic current generator to suit your specific parts and process. Whether you are testing a large investment casting or doing mag particle inspection in a difficult to reach location, these heavy-duty cables and connectors will help you set-up your Magnaflux machine just the way you need.

4/0 cables are essential for P-series, M-series, and CSV-series power packs. Cables can be used to flow magnetizing current through a large part or structure, or wrapped around pipes and long weldments for longitudinal magnetization. Magnaflux 4/0 cables are available in standard welding grade or heavy-duty grade with extra insulation and tinned conductors. Cables are factory terminated in a variety of lengths and a choice of standard lug connections or heavy-duty quick connect fittings.