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Magnaflux 14A Wet Method Fluorescent Particles

Magnaflux 14A Wet Method Fluorescent Particles

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Increases indication detection

  • Find smaller, finer indications in critical applications using the highly sensitive, strong ferromagnetic 14A particles
  • Optimized particle size and shape help particles move freely to stick to a wide variety of discontinuities with less particle clumping 

Minimizes inspection time

Improve inspection consistency and reliability 

  • Maintain magnetic particle system performance over greater periods of time thanks to the highly-durable, easily-dispersed 14A particles
  • Reduced particle clumping helps maintain particle concentration in the suspension bath for dependable inspections


  • Can be suspended in water or petroleum distillate (oil) vehicle
  • High sensitivity
  • Excellent fluorescent contrast
  • Excellent particle mobility
  • Optimized particle size and shape distribution
  • Durable particles
  • Easily dispersed
  • Available in a variety of different formats

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