$3,633.00 USD

Magnaflux Digital Ammeter and Shunt Test Kit

The Digital Ammeter & Shunt is used to verify the magnetizing current output of magnetic particle inspection equipment up to 10,000 amps on half-wave DC, 1-phase full-wave DC, and 3-phase full-wave DC output, and up to 6,000 amps on AC current output.[GE1] 

Use the calibrated Digital Ammeter & Shunt as part of regular system performance checks to ensure equipment accuracy and repeatability for the most consistent mag particle inspections in compliance with ASTM E709, ASTM E1444, and ASME BPVC. When the calibrated shunt is connected to the mag particle equipment output, either contact or coil, the digital ammeter provides a traceable reference standard for calibration and verification of the magnetizing equipment.

The Digital Ammeter & Shunt is specifically designed to accurately measure the magnetizing current generated by Magnaflux magnetizing equipment. Equipment from other manufacturers may use different current control techniques, so the Digital Ammeter & Shunt may not give accurate readings for non-Magnaflux equipment.

Benefits & Features

  • Measures AC current up to 6,000 amps
  • Measures HWDC, 1-Phase FWDC and 3-Phase FWDC up to 10,000 amps[GE2] 
  • Includes calibrated shunt and interconnect cable
  • Accuracy DC +/-2% or 30 A, AC +/-3% or 30 A
  • Portable storage case


  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
  • ASTM E3024
  • ISO 9934
  • NADCAP AC7114/2